How to Create a Blissfully Clutter-Free Bedroom

Imagine walking into your bedroom and seeing clear, clean surfaces. The bed covers are smooth and inviting, the pillows are plumped, and on your nightstand is nothing but a vase of fresh flowers, a candle, a cup of herbal tea and your journal and pen. Any clothing has been easily put away because it fits within your dresser and wardrobe space with room to spare. If you have children, imagine finally coming into this beautiful space, closing the door behind you and enjoying a few moments of blissful peace and quiet.
Sound appealing? The first step on the road to a joyful, clutter-free home is (you guessed it) giving clutter the boot.

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Introduce Velvet into Your Home

Velvet is certainly on trend at the moment. Available in many different colours, this soft, tactile fabric is very versatile and can be used to create many different effects and moods in your home. Browse these schemes for inspiration.
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Home Decor – 10 Ways to Bring Autumn Colour into Your Home

If the thought of autumn and winter makes you feel rather dreary, it’s time to fill your home decor with cheering colour. From flame shades to rich, velvety hues, there’s no denying that colour stirs the senses and helps to add atmospheric appeal to your home.

Look at a colour wheel to see how different paints or fabrics might play together and explore the following 10 tweaks that could make a big difference to your décor.

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Add This One Piece of Furniture to Update Your Living Room

Turn the space at the end of a sofa into a hard-working spot with a side table, perfect for lamps, books, cups of tea or seasonal flowers.

There are so many options, from decorative metal finishes to clear acrylic to natural, carved or painted wood. Have something that’s not only beautiful to look at and easy to keep clean, but adds something to your current room scheme – in particular your sofa or even a favorite comfy chair – to make it an even more pleasant place to lounge. Living Room Range @ M Kelly Interiors

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10 Ideas for Brightening a Dark Living Room

From major to minor, there are lots of ways to improve light in a dark room. A two-pronged approach is best: think firstly about how to maximise the amount of light coming into the room – this may involve structural alterations, internally or externally; then think in terms of how to reflect and multiply this light within the room. Here are 10 ideas, of varying scales, to consider on your mission to make the most of your dark living room.
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10 Typical New-build Challenges and How to Overcome Them

One of the best things about moving into a new-build property is that everything is brand new. But new houses aren’t always blessed with interesting architectural features, and can be a little bland so you might want to add character and ensure it doesn’t look exactly the same as your neighbour’s house. Here are 10 design challenges you might face with your new-build home and some handy tips on how to overcome them.
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10 Living Rooms That Don’t Revolve Around the TV

It’s amazing what can be achieved when screen time is banished, or hidden. Take inspiration from these living rooms and you could find yourself burying your nose in a good book, playing a game of cards or, who knows, even simply enjoying your surroundings. Hiding or re-positioning the TV is a great way to bring the focus back to simply enjoying free time together. Here are some other ways to anchor your living room without all eyes being on the big black box.
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How to Dress Your Garden Seating Area in Style for Summer Entertaining

The time has (finally!) come to get your garden ready for the barbecues of 2016. It’s all about taking the inside out and getting creative. Who said that decorative pieces and furniture for our homes couldn’t stretch to our gardens, too? And this is especially true when creating a space for eating and drinking with friends outside.
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