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Marble is a wonderful material to enrich your interior. The natural stone is timeless and durable. It is porous, so it is important that you clean and maintain marble correctly. Marble is quickly damaged by acidic liquids such as vinegar, lemon juice and orange juice. This affects the lime that makes up the marble. Also coffee and hot objects can leave annoying circles. Make sure you have coasters to avoid this. The best way to protect marble against stains is with a layer of the supplied wax. You can order this wax through our us.

To keep your marble beautiful, regular cleaning is important. You can use green soap, soda or a special cleaning agent for natural stone. If a stain accidentally appears, it is important that you remove it as soon as possible and do not let the stain set. DO NOT rub , but dab the stain with kitchen paper or an absorbent cloth. DO NOT use furniture care products containing silicone, cleaning agents containing bleach (eg lemon) or a solvent such as stain remover, white spirit, benzene, thinner or similar agents. Marble is very sensitive to scratches , so do not use scouring pads or cleaning agents with abrasives.

Scratches in marble are not so easy to remove. They are often less visible if you clean it in the above way. You can try to remove a deeper scratch with fine sandpaper, but be careful not to make extra scratches. Do you think it's too big a risk? Then call in a natural stone specialist to look at it.

Collections with marble are: Levanto , Lexington , Dalton , Orion

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