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Chances are, you’ve seen at least one minimalist interior with a cloud-like bouclĂ© furniture piece on a scroll through Instagram. Perhaps, there’s even one that you’ve “saved”? The soft textured upholstery trend can be traced back to Eero Saarinen’s Womb chair, which he designed for Knoll in 1946, and since, the plush, looped fiber material has been the textile of choice for mid-century modern furniture.
Should we be surprised that bouclĂ©, a favourite of iconic fashion houses and equally consequential Mid-century designers, has made a roaring comeback all these decades later? 
In the current day iteration of modern interior design, bouclĂ© soft furnishings feel right at home. The cozy fabric most often comes in easy neutral shades of white—from ivory, pearl, to cream—and they’re as alluring as they are adaptable. BouclĂ© can cater to a variety of spaces, personal aesthetics, and price points. Thinking small? Consider a bouclĂ© bolster or a rounded ottoman. Going big? Consider buying a couch (Santos Couch or Juniper Couch)  or dining chairs.

The characteristically looped fibre and the fabric which it makes takes its name from the French word meaning “looped” or “curled”. Its nubby texture is created during the plying process whereby a fibre—usually wool but sometimes silk or other finer fabrics—is held taut whilst looser fibres naturally create random loops in the yarn. But, because of its Mid-century history, bouclĂ© feels quite retro too and a bouclĂ© chair wouldn’t feel out-of-place.

An easy way to bring the bouclé trend to your living space in a significant way is through an armchair. Nothing beats curling up on a bouclé chair in cold winter nights.
The twisted wool fibers are incredibly durable, and it works so well on upholstery. Style curved bouclé chairs with sharp, angular marbles and edgy leather to really make your statement bouclé armchair stand out
For a simple nod to the trend in your interior styling, a new cushion for the sofa or bed makes a great update. Bouclé cushions allow for a soft and modern finish to your interiors and the fabric will bring natural texture to your space.

Anyone on the hunt for extra storage or simply wanting to maximize their space will know the benefits of an ottoman – and with a bouclĂ©-style ottoman in particular, you don’t have to forego style for convenience. Pair with a black leather sofa or accent chairs to ground and round out your space. Consider using an ottoman as a coffee table to add bouclĂ© to your interiors. This design technique will allow you to use the ottoman as a statement piece but also as a multipurpose piece of furniture for storage and drinks. A tray will help level out the surface for holding things like drinks, candles, and plates. BouclĂ© dining chairs offer a slightly pared-back take on the trend. Perfect for modern dining, bouclĂ© chairs with slim wooden legs add a touch of luxury and modern glamour to interiors.

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