Below is a quick exerpt from the article on Mattew Kelly, Owner of M. Kelly Interiors. To read the full article Click Here.

GROWING UP, MATTHEW Kelly could hardly avoid a job in retail given his father’s profession.

The late Des Kelly, who died in 2016, was one of Dublin’s most recognisable names in the carpet and furniture business, with stores across the capital in which Kelly and his seven siblings regularly worked.

“I would have started with my dad when I was a kid really. When I was 10 or 11 myself and my brothers and sisters would be doing leaflets for the business. Then when I was older I would have worked in the shop at the weekends,” Kelly tells Fora.

“I loved working with my dad and being financially independent from a young age when most of my friends wouldn’t have had a bob to their name. I wasn’t spoiled though – Dad wouldn’t have given us a penny without earning it.”

'In the lean times we didn't have a sausage. Now feck that, we can make money again'