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RAW Folding Coffee Table
€ 330

These coffee tables have wooden folding legs and the top is also made of wood. The coffee table is very easy to use because if it gets in the way, it can easily be folded. Use the table for example outside in the summer and take it in the evening back inside. Ideal for when you live small or if you like to regularly change your interior. Because these are unique tables, the shade of the wood, the processing or the size may differ slightly from the table in the image. Keep this in mind when ordering. If in doubt, you can always email us.


Height: 45 cm

Width: 120 cm

Depth: 75cm

Colour: Brown

Availability: 1-2 weeks

Assembly Required: No

You can browse the huge collection of furniture in our M. Kelly Interiors store in Sallynoggin.


Wood, Handcrafted

Availability: In Stock


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