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Prisma Rug Range


100% Polypropylene

Suitable for indoors & outdoors



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Prisma Rug Range is modern quality of frieze yarn, soft and comfortable.

Prisma rug range with custom sizes available in lots of very current colours that open a wide range of decorative possibilities and of comfort.

Stains: General Rules. 1. Avoid that the stain gets dry. If it is solid or it is dry, scrape and brush. 2. Try the cleaning product in a corner of the rug. If it is solid, apply it rubbing softly. 3. Apply later luke-warm water with a sponge and rub. 4. VERY IMPORTANT TO DRY CAREFULLY LATER. 5. Rub softly later the zone which was stained. This is a summary of the cleaning instructions recommended for the most important European manufacturers. AND A LAST ADVICE: NEITHER SHAKE NOR STRIKE THE RUG, IT WOULD DAMAGE THE WEAVE SHORTENING THE LIFE OF IT.


Rug 120 X 170 cm, Rug 140 X 200 cm, Rug 160 X 230 cm, Rug 60 x 110 cm

Colour Codes

Prisma 47028-068 Beige, Prisma 47028-069 Turquise, Prisma 47028-950 Grey, Prisma 47151-058 Beige, Prisma 47151-950 Grey