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Zenith Rug Range


100% Polypropylene

Pile Height 25 mm



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Zenith Rug Range is modern quality of frieze yarn, soft and comfortable.

Plain rugs with custom sizes available in nine very current colours that open a wide range of decorative possibilities and of comfort.

Stains: General Rules. 1. Avoid that the stain gets dry. If it is solid or it is dry, scrape and brush. 2. Try the cleaning product in a corner of the rug. If it is solid, apply it rubbing softly. 3. Apply later luke-warm water with a sponge and rub. 4. VERY IMPORTANT TO DRY CAREFULLY LATER. 5. Rub softly later the zone which was stained. This is a summary of the cleaning instructions recommended for the most important European manufacturers. AND A LAST ADVICE: NEITHER SHAKE NOR STRIKE THE RUG, IT WOULD DAMAGE THE WEAVE SHORTENING THE LIFE OF IT.


Rug 100 x 150 cm, Rug 133 X 190 cm, Rug 160 X 230 cm, Rug 57 x 110 cm, Rug 67 x 125 cm

Colour Codes

Zenit 02 Beige, Zenit 03 Orange, Zenit 04 White, Zenit 07 Blue, Zenit 13 Green, Zenit 19 Silver, Zenit 23 Aubergine, Zenit 35 Yellow, Zenit 36 Camel